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Dalam historiografi Indonesia, zaman kolonial, khususnya era VOC, merupakan tema klasik yang paling sedikit diminati oleh para sejarawan Indonesia. Tidak heran jika kajian sejarah tentang relasi MaSelengkapnya...

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The Celestial Management

The Celestial Management
Judul Buku : The Celestial Management
Penulis :
Penerbit : Embun Publishing
Jumlah Halaman :
Harga : Rp 79.900
The application of ZIKR-PIKR-MIKR will transform the patterns of thoughts, behaviour and inter-crew relationships in a spirit of togetherness and synergy. The crew-s performance is based on the celestial principles. The demand is that the crew should not only apply the principle of sound business management known as the good corporate governance but also practice the principle of God corporate governance with a high level of precision in transparency and accountability. They will not do their jobs merely because they are driven by financial reasons but also because they are motivated by their dedication to God the Almighty. The best performance for the company will be the key with which they will enter the gate of eternity towards Him.
The presence of this book is imbued with a new spirit and vision as a guide for CEOs in revamping their business, providing them with a fresh spiritual touch in business management. Universal principles and spiritual values relevant to business activities are wrapped up in 12 chief attributes compacted as ZIKR (Zero base, Iman or faith, Konsisten or consistency and Result-Oriented), a share of PIKR (Power, Information, Knowledge and Rewards) and MIKR (Militant, Intellect, Kompetitif or Competitiveness and Regenerative).